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Born out of a love for travel and inspired by experiences around the world. Every scent represents a place we’ve been and love! We hope to share our story and journey with you, one candle at a time.

All candles are hand-poured in Oklahoma with natural soy wax, chemical-free fragrance oil, and recyclable packaging. Shop Bisby gives 5% of our net profits back to the community.


In 2013 I started making candles in my kitchen. I started because I knew I could do better than the mainstream candle. I knew I could create something beautiful, that smelled amazing, without chemicals, and made by hand.

I've always focused on natural ingredients with recycled packaging and continue those efforts today. I want a product you feel proud to own and one that doesn't hurt our environment.

An important part of Bisby Candles is giving back, so  5% of our annual profits go back to non-profit organizations in Oklahoma City.