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Everyone always wants to know what we are burning at home! When it's not a custom scent we are working on, or a candle reject that didn't pass the test, here is what we are burning. P.S I love to light a new candle or candles we are working on in the bathroom, then close the door for a few minutes so I can come back and an decide if it's a keeper. These have all obviously passes the bathroom test : ) 

Gifts For Mom

Nicole BisbyComment

With Mother's Day coming up I've been really thinking about packaging. The idea of how it make us feel when we open a gift. Across all the countries and  culture that I've experience it's the same - a well wrapped gift is an amazing thing to receive. Young, old we all love to tear open ( or as my grandmother would do -- lightly loosen the edges to keep the paper for another use)  and remove the layers to find what has been thoughtfully picked for us. 

I came across a stylists photos the other day and she used a ton of Japanese paper and silk ribbon in her photos and it got me thinking why not wrap some candle in them. So I went on a hunt for paper a ribbon, this was my first purchase and i'm pretty please. However, I think I'll be shopping around to find an affordable option to do custom gift wrapping for holiday 17! 

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XXO, Nicole