Shop Bisby
Born out of a love for travel and inspired by experiences around the world. Every scent represents a place we’ve been and love! We hope to share our story and journey with you, one candle at a time.

All candles are hand-poured in Oklahoma with natural soy wax, chemical-free fragrance oil, and recyclable packaging. Shop Bisby gives 5% of our net profits back to the community. Learn more!



Our Logo

Shop Bisby is one part Okie, one part Moroccan, and lot's of parts nomad. My family and I spend our summers in my husband's home town of Marrakech, Morocco,  were many scents, ideas, and big ideas for Shop Bisby are planned. "The hand" is actually an ancient cultural symbol brought to our brand by Chris Castro who drew this logo by hand. The Moroccan Khamsa represents the hand of Fatima and its purpose is to ward off the evil eye and ladies and gentleman who doesn't need a little of that!?  There is a little more of a love story involved for those who care to read more. 

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After returning from a trip to Italy and Bali the summer of 2013 I started making candles in my kitchen. I started because I wanted to give my friends and family a piece of my travels. I also knew I could do better than the mainstream candle. I knew I could create something beautiful, that smelled amazing, without chemicals, and made by hand.

I've always focused on natural ingredients with recycled packaging and continue those efforts today. I want a product you feel proud to own and one that doesn't hurt our environment.





One the eave of my first child I knew I needed someone amazing to step in while I was out. Abby, has been all that and MORE she is an ALL STAR. Helping take Shop Bisby to new heights, she heads up our manufacturing, online orders, and scent research and development. You will often find Abby in the office with her headphones on rocking out to NPR podcasts as she pours candles.