Your Custom Fragrance Session

Your Custom Fragrance Session


 Our private workshop is perfect for families, couples, or business who want create a unique fragrance for their candle. Together we will work to build a custom fragrance you’ve always dreamed of! This two-hour workshop will introduce you to fragrances and how they play off one another and give you the unique opportunity to create your very own custom candle fragrance.

We will explore our library of over 40 ingredients and guide you along the way. You will leave with a better understanding of fragrance, composition and what you like and dislike. And best of all, your very own candle fragrance.


Your fragrance will be exclusive to you, filed away in our office for safe keeping. 

There is no minimum order but we recommend you start with at least 5 candles.  We ask for at least 1-2 weeks lead time on orders.We ask for at least 1-2 weeks lead time on orders.

Labels & Design

We offer a handful of label templates for you to choose from for the candle label and box, or we are happy to send your graphic designer our information.

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