Temporary Insanity

Bring it!


I feel like I should warn you, we really must be crazy. We have decided to get married, plan a spring wedding in OKC, and a Moroccan Wedding later that May, re-do our home, and start a new business. So, clearly there is no other explanation other than temporary insanity. But, we are so excited and ready to bring it! 

 The biz is really a dream we've had since the second I walked into Mohamed's, then apartment, my jaw hit the floor upon taking one step inside, and I said something along the lines of "holy mother where did you get all this amazing stuff and I am totally stealing that rug over there!" Mohamed's place was decked out floor to celing in cool-ass Moroccan stuff that he just had LYING around. I immediately  decided we needed to get this stuff here some way, some how. Now, a few years later, we are getting married, and bringing some of that killer stuff from the mother ship back to OKC for our friends to enjoy. 

One of the first gifts Mohamed ever gave me from his hometown, Marakech, was a necklace with a Khamsa on it, known around the world with different meaning, the Moroccan Khamsa represents the hand of Fatima and its purpose is to ward off the evil eye and ladies and gentlmen who doesn't need a little of that!? This really resonated with me when I started thinking about a label for my candles, and our labels for the Moroccan goods. What could possibly be better than an age-old hater-deterrent cultural symbol to slap on a candle or a bag?! Nothing. So here she is. 

 Designed by Chris Castro

Designed by Chris Castro

Although my name will be changing, the "Bisby" legacy will live on with my logo, hopefully for years to come! The label will going on all my candles and we will sew it on our rugs, bags, poufs, and whatever else we find along the way.  This is a dream in the making and I am so excited to see what the years have to bring our way. 

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