Photo by  Choatehouse

   Photo by Choatehouse


Okay, I think it's time I shared with you that I have PBDD...... I have had it for quite some time, but I just didn't know how to tell you... PBDD; Post Blog Deletion's treatable, probably curable, and 100% gluten free : ) but I will have to work on it... It often happens about halfway though a post... If BAM were a feeling, that would exactly be it... I just glance over to my right and start to think "screw it, this is crap, just press delete"... so I am outing myself.. and I have some exciting things coming up; I would like to share with you, so please, I am working on my problems, let's hold (virtual) hands, and I will tell you stories...

Oh and hey, I got married last month... It was a perfect day with some rad friends and family. Not many people get to celebrate as much as us but we get to do it all over again in another month. We leave for Marrakech, Morocco in 2 weeks for our Moroccan wedding, think caftans, bright colors, Andalusian architecture, and hand-crafted furniture, and lots of sumptuous food.

We start, however, with an amazing trip around the country. This is where that virtual hand holding will start, I want to take you with me! We get to visit, Casablanca, the imperial cities of Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes, Fes, the rustic Amazigh (Berber) towns in the Middle Atlas Mountains, and the costal old portuguese fort of Essaouira where Orson Wells shot his "Othello", and Game of Thrones filmed some of Khaleesi scenes. We even get to GLAMP in the Sahara Desert with tents, and camels (and toilets.. hence the 'glam' in glamp... can I get an AMEN?!). With less than 2-weeks before we leave, I am counting down the seconds, and making lists of lists with stuff I think I need, but probably won't ever use. My hope is that my PBDD is under control by the time I am in Morocco, so that I can blog a little bit about our journey. 


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