Being Bisby

A few weeks ago Carissa over at  approached me about an interview for her blog.. I have to say I chuckled a little because this was the first time anyone has ever asked, or dare I say WANTED, to interview me. I'll admit, it's hard to have a 'favorite thing' but I did my best to narrow it down, and came up with a few of my current favorite things to share! Carissa is also really kind, and said some sweet things about me and my business. 

I love the little “Spotlight” feature I’ve started. It gives me the opportunity to meet some seriously amazing and inspiring people. All of which are doing something that they absolutely love. This month’s Spotlight is no different. Nicole Bisby, of Bisby Candles, is the girl next door entrepreneur. She’s a lover of travel and Bob Marley. And in my book, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. She also makes her own handmade candles. And they smell AMAZING. (There is always one burning at the barre3 Classen location)
— Carissa
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