A Moroccan minute can take hours

Morocco is DREAMY. It's surreal, enchanting, and vibrant.. It's old and culturally-rooted, yet casually fresh and exciting...It's loud and fast at night in the Medina, and slow and quiet at dawn.. It's hot and cold, quite literally. It has spice, sweet, grit and shine. It's traditionally modern and confusingly unique..  Morocco, I have found,  is hard to describe. Moroccan meals take hours, weddings take days (more on that later..), an unannounced guest can transform your entire evening, and a chat with a friend should last much longer than your lunch hour. Moroccans enjoy their minutes. 

Here, there is a different pace, a unique and rich culture of taking your time. I can't help but compare my life in Oklahoma with my life here and think how many more hours the day seems to hold here in Morocco. One does not casually greet at a friend on the street.. one stops everything and asks about their children, their parent, and their friends.. In Morocco time is to be given to friends and enjoyed together. 

I have jokingly said a Moroccan minute can take hours.. but I say it with great envy. How lucky are the children of a country that puts value on time with family and friends, time spent over long meals, time spent lounging at home talking to each other. Sure, it sometimes makes me crazy when we don't have a 'plan' for the day, or if we show up a cool 45 minutes late to a party but that comes with the territory. That comes with a culture that doesn't believe in being 'too busy', doesn't believe in working until you have nothing left for your family. A culture that leaves you down time to relax. To reflect. In my over scheduled (hour by hour often) life back in Oklahoma, it is beyond refreshing to take a few Moroccan minutes to myself each day to just BE.

Nicole BisbyComment