Kenya, 2015 

We spen 2 weeks in Kenya for a winter oasis away from the Marrakech heat! Going from 115 to 65 was a dream come true when we landed in the capital city, Nairobi. After a few days of exploring the city we ventured out on a safari in Ambouselli for my first safari! Next stop was Lamu, a coastal town in the North East of Kenya to soak up a few summertime rays and fresh ocean salt water. Once back in Nairobi we went to the Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary and adopted two babies whom had been rescued. Then came our grand Maasai mara adventure! We took what looked like a toy plane for a quick ride and landed in the middle of the Mara. Immediately we saw lions, it was as if on queue they were laying under a tree across from the landing strip. Next up was our "Bush Camp" where we slept in a tiny surrounded my wildlife ( mostly monkeys and zebras ).  It was amazing! Kenya was one of my favorite adventures I've ever had! 


Nicole BisbyComment