Moroccan Kilim Clutch 3

Moroccan Kilim Clutch 3


Made of Vintage Moroccan carpets, this clutch is made from 50-to-100-year-old Kilim. Each clutch is one of a kind and makes for a great statement bag for any occasion! I also use mine as a smaller makeup bag in my large tote. Makes a great gift! 

I number the bags instead of naming them because, although we might be able to find one similar, this particular bag is 100% unique and cannot be duplicated. Each clutch is vintage wool Berber kilim carpet sourced directly from the souks of Marrakech, where they are handmade by artisans. 


Magnetic closure to ensure everything stays in place

Leather flaps on each side if you would like to add a strap

11 1/2 inches by 6 inches

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